Interior Design | The Brief

The Briefs

Envision And Create Spaces Of Tomorrow

As a designer for tomorrow, envision the pattern of future spaces be it a workplace, living space or public space. Take into consideration the activities that will shape the lifestyle and movements of the citizens of the tomorrow, then craft purposeful spaces that fits into your vision of what future living is all about. Preserve your very own persona while foretelling the fundamental needs of tomorrow’s society via your design.

Demonstrate your vision and foresight in helping the people of tomorrow live in an optimized yet comfortable space. Let your artwork and design concept statement go hand-in-hand in bringing to life the tomorrow’s that you envisaged.

Remember to consider:
Creativity - Does your design portray originality in its execution?
Efficiency - Does your design offer practicality and have the ability to drive commercial value?
Comfort - Does your design facilitate the ease of use for its inhabitants?
Sustainability - Does your design process the ability to transcend time?
Purpose - Does your design successfully fulfill a need? Is it purposeful?
Heart for the community - Does your design cater to the surrounding communities’ needs?
Green design - Is your design made up of sustainable and eco-friendly elements which help preserve the wonders and beauty of Mother Earth?

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