Architecture Design | The Brief

The Briefs


How would you envision the living of tomorrow? Share with us your most compelling iteration of how designs and concepts are crafted for communities of tomorrow. A visioning exercise is required, to ensure that your signatory individualities are reflected in the eventual concept whilst you envisage the structures and facilities required for tomorrow's mankind and living. Design a piece of architectural marvel which is inspired by tomorrow's living that will stem beyond space and the built environment.

How would the inhabitants of tomorrow interact with your structure? Let your design solve issues of tomorrow faced by the inhabitants within a community space.

Remember to consider:
Creativity - Does your design portray originality in its execution?
Efficiency - Does your design offer practicality and have the ability to drive commercial value?
Comfort - Does your design facilitate the ease of use for its inhabitants?
Sustainability - Does your design process the ability to transcend time?
Purpose - Does your design successfully fulfill a need? Is it purposeful?
Heart for the community - Does your design cater to the surrounding communities' needs?
Green design - Is your design made up of sustainable and eco-friendly elements which help preserve the wonders and beauty of Mother Earth?

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